Featured Training Sessions: 

Drones; What Public Safety Officials Need to Know

Community Policing; Building Trust Within Your Community

Alcohol Control; Reducing Harm 

Recent events have reaffirmed the need for the police to build relationships and trust within their communities. I offer training that will help officers reconnect with the community, leverage the power of neighborhoods and engage community partners in sharing responsibility for public safety.

In this training, officers will be provided strategies that are possible to implement despite radio responsibilities and calls for service. I will demonstrate how to identify community problems, analyze the underlying causes and develop an effective response.

As a public safety  trainer, I specialize in community oriented policing and problem solving but in addition, I am offering training in other trending topics such as alcohol control, social media and drones.  My goal is to identify trending issues and develop innovative training in areas important to public safety. I offer these programs through Wisconsin’s Technical College System but I am also available to conduct onsite training at your facility. You can browse the upcoming training events or make a request for specialized training at your facility. Either way, I’m here to help.

-Bill Bongle