Community Policing and Problem Solving – January 9-10, 2017 / Fort McCoy, WI

Location: WI State Patrol Academy, Fort McCoy, WI

This training will help the student to understand what communities expect of their police, leverage the power of neighborhoods, mobilize the public, and engage community partners in sharing responsibility for public safety.

Officers will be provided strategies that are possible for anyone to implement, even with the demands of daily calls for service. This training will explain how to identify community problems, Community Engagement-Bike Cop
analyze the underlying causes and how to develop effective strategies. The instructor will provide real-life examples of community engagement and successful problem solving projects. Students will learn how to leverage available tools, resources and technology most effectively.

Program Highlights:

Fundamentals of Community Oriented Policing
– Techniques to build trust and establish police legitimacy
– Developing informal social control and leveraging the power of neighborhoods
– Shifting and sharing responsibility
– Working with the media
– Community engagement through social media
– Conducting productive community meetings
– How to construct and conduct effective community surveys
– Healing neighborhoods following traumatic events
– Establishing your brand

Problem Oriented Policing
– Identifying, analyzing and solving problems
– Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers
– Case Studies of Successful Problem Solving Projects

Other training Topics Include:
– Alcohol Control Strategies
– Introduction to Intelligence Led Policing
– Landlord-tenant law and nuisance abatement
– CPTED for street cops
– Regulating Adult Entertainment
– Organizational Change and Leadership
– Understanding Viral Media

Community Policing and Problem Solving – January 9-10, 2017 / Fort McCoy, WI