Intelligence Led Policing

Intelligence-Led Policing

This presentation will focus on Intelligence-Led policing concepts such as the Intelligence cycle following the process of gathering raw data and refining it into actionable intelligence bulletins.   The first part of the presentation will present fundamental concepts of ILP while the second half focuses on using GIS (geographic information systems) to identify crime hot spots and chronic nuisances. The presenter will discuss the types of data that can be mined and then mapped, giving users more defined views of problems in their neighborhood. In addition, the presenter will discuss ways to implement early warning systems and email alerts to monitor problem addresses and prolific offenders.
Topics Covered:

  • GIS 101 – what it is and how police can use it
  • Mining your data to get useful, actionable intelligence within your area of responsibility
  • Identifying hot spots
  • Identifying chronic nuisances
  • Alerts and early warning systems of interest to you
  • Responding to and mitigating chronic nuisances in your area
  • Identifying and impacting prolific offenders
  • Identifying and impacting activity hot spots
  • Early Warning Systems and pattern detection
  • The role of officers, IT staff, support systems, and technology components