Adult Entertainment

Regulating Adult Entertainment:
A Problem Solving Approach

This presentation demonstrates effective use of problem solving in an area traditionally difficult for the police to address.  The presentation features two successful problem solving projects dealing with adult bookstores and a citywide network of escort services.

Most communities have adult bookstores and most of those stores house “peep” shows or pay per view videos. The reality is that these businesses simply serve as a meeting place for persons who wish to engage in risky sex acts in a public venue.  The weakness of these types of businesses is their inability to maintain sanitary conditions.  This presentation will demonstrate how we were able to shut down a poorly maintained adult bookstore that was out of place in a vibrant business district. The presentation also features two other adult bookstores where problem-solving techniques were used to deal with a public safety problem.

In the second part of the presentation, Escort Services are discussed. The presentation features a a yearlong problem-solving project focusing on escort services that served as a front for prostitution. This type of criminal activity typically draws little police attention but has some major underlying public safety issues and secondary crimes associated with it.  Credit card fraud and assaults are just two examples of unreported crimes, which affect most communities. The presentation follows the 4 step SARA problem solving model and shares some unusual but effective techniques in dealing with this issue.